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Men's Underwear Fabric Guide

        The men's underwear market today is flooded with a variety of fabrics that were not an option just a few years ago. Gone are the days when men's underwear were viewed as a commodity and the only options available were "tighty whiteys" or old school woven boxers that your Grand Pappy used to wear. Today men shopping for underwear have more fabric and style options then ever before. Lots of men are learning that having a high quality, comfortable, functional base layer is an integral part of having a confident, comfortable productive day.  Checkout our Underwear Fabric Guide to help you select what fabrics will work best for your daily activities. Acrylic - A synthetic fiber made from a...

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Last week we were able to catch up with freestyle skateboard extraordinaire Mike Osterman to do a little Derde Drawz wear testing. Mike's extremely athletic and unique style of riding is what caught our eye and he immediately became the focus to be the subject of our wear testing video. The thought being, that if our underwear could perform, function and still be comfortable during his barrage of highly tactical maneuvers then we must really be on to something as far as comfort, fit and functionality goes.The only problem was that although we knew we wanted Mike, he had no idea who we were since we had just launched. We decided to send Mike over a couple of pairs of Derdes to test out...

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DERDE DRAWZ Launching with Going Back To Cali Pack!!

The "Going Back to Cali Pack" drawz inspiration from the lyrics of the most notorious rapper to ever rock the mic and his descriptive storytelling of the hypnotizing attractions within the Southern California Lifestyle. The collection is a visible expression of pleasures he eagerly looked to explore upon arriving at LAX and droping the top on his convertible. Ranging from tasty People, Places and Passions. Cali keeps people coming back and with the Derde Drawz "Going Back To Cali Pack", you can now take a little piece with you.    

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