by Barry Renfro


Last week we were able to catch up with freestyle skateboard extra...

Last week we were able to catch up with freestyle skateboard extraordinaire Mike Osterman to do a little Derde Drawz wear testing. Mike's extremely athletic and unique style of riding is what caught our eye and he immediately became the focus to be the subject of our wear testing video. The thought being, that if our underwear could perform, function and still be comfortable during his barrage of highly tactical maneuvers then we must really be on to something as far as comfort, fit and functionality goes.

The only problem was that although we knew we wanted Mike, he had no idea who we were since we had just launched. We decided to send Mike over a couple of pairs of Derdes to test out in hopes that he would like them enough to give em' a try. Well, Mike tried em' out and really put them through the ringer. The results were amazing... Mike was blown away by the functionality, fit and comfort as he performed his astounding array of freestyle skateboard acrobatics. Having become a true believer in the product and what the Derde Drawz brand is all about, he was more than willing to do the wear testing video for us and the rest is history.

Take a look at the video and watch Mike perform a series of incredible maneuvers all while rockin' his Derde Drawz Performance underwear. Notice how Mike skates, twist, jumps and gyrates while his Derde Drawz perform flawlessly, without inducing any wedgies, ride-up or swamp crotch. Gotta love it! 


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