A Day At The Beach Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes



Last month we headed out to Venice Beach to shoot our "Day At The Beach" photoshoot. The idea behind the shoot was to capture quality content highlighting the beauty of Southern California's most iconic landmarks and using these breathtaking images to update our website with fresh new content.

It was a perfect summer day with the sun's warm rays shimmering of the Pacific while gentle ocean breezes flowed through the palm trees. Ideal conditions for top fashion photographer Dane Darden to make some magic happen with that camera of his. 

We were also fortunate to work with some of the industry's top young modeling and acting talent in Garrett Westton, Alena Nazarova and Mae Zihua Ling. All in all, it was a blast! We put in major work and had a great time!

Check the clip above for some of the behind the scenes action.


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